The East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG) is a membership Association that brings together Trusts and Foundations in the East Africa region with the aim of promoting philanthropy. The Association envisions an East Africa with vibrant and organized philanthropy promoting sustainable development and social justice. The membership is drawn from Family Trusts, Community Foundations, Corporate Foundations and other types of Grantmaking and non- grantmaking organizations interested in promoting philanthropy in the region.

In addressing the information gap that currently exists, EAAG proposed to establish a Community of Practice with a view to provide a learning, networking and capacity building platform for existing and potential Foundations. This platform will develop the knowledge resources required to support the growth of a vibrant philanthropy sector particular to the region. Consequently, with an aim of improving interaction and coordination among local Grantmakers EAAG has now launched the ‘’Givers Lounge’’ forum. This is a new and unique opportunity for funders to listen, learn, discuss, debate and reflect on issues relating to their activities will hope to further promote partnerships and best practices in grantmaking.


  • To give local Grantmakers an open forum to discuss issues of mutual interest, challenges and generate alternative solutions, develop ideas, share information and build long lasting relationships.
  • To generate more information on the practice of philanthropy in the Region


The Givers’ Lounge is a model that will provide a much less informal setting for participants to share their experiences. Although EAAG will guide the theme, autonomy will be given to participants on priority topics, agenda and financing of the session. Through these sessions EAAG will be able to address various issues independently given the different forms of philanthropy and diverse interests exposed in our survey and past events. In appreciation of the diversity, consecutive sessions will address sector-based issues and participation will be distinct to Corporate, community, family and faith based philanthropy.

These sessions will be graced by experts and foundation managers/philanthropists who will share their story on how they practice their giving with an aim of generating discussions around the practice. Participants will play a key role in identifying presenters and case studies they would prefer covered during these sessions. To this effect, EAAG will require those interested to be part of it to register to ensure an effective communication and coordination circle that is favorable for facilitation and organization of the sessions.

This being the initial year, these sessions will be held quarterly. The first session scheduled for 25th January 2011 will only be implemented in Kenya however the next 3 sessions will run concurrently in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. EAAG hopes to replicate the same concept in other East African Member States.

Keep checking our blog for more updates on the sessions


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