Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment Foundations Innovative Approaches to Support Youth

The OECD netFWD launched the ‘Philanthropy and Youth Empowerment: Foundations’ Innovative Approaches to Support Youth’ study at the Crown Plaza hotel on the 28th May 2014.

The study provided insight into the unique role played by foundations in youth empowerment. Based on ten case studies of foundations that support youth, the study examined some of the more innovative approaches that philanthropic actors use including specific value-additions of these efforts in comparison those of other development actors. The study included an overview of trends, highlights specific examples of programmes and partnerships, and offers recommendations to foundations and policymakers on how to work together to achieve even greater impact. To view the full report click here.
In addition, the event included a workshop on ‘How to Measure the success of youth Interventions’. An interactive session based on case studies presentations on different approaches to M&E and impact assessment (such as Randomized Controlled Trials) that provided participants with the opportunity to share experiences and learn from each other.


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