30th August, 2013 – The East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG) has released a report on philanthropic giving in East Africa. A total of 25 local Foundations and Trusts in East Africa participated in the first ever survey in the region. The objective of the survey was to highlight the contribution of local philanthropy towards social change as well as build a knowledge base for philanthropy in the region and the global community. Findings of the survey will be of particular interest to fundraisers, CSO leaders, donors, volunteers, scholars and individuals who work with or in the philanthropy sector.

In summary, the report show that a total of about $30m was given out by the 25 surveyed local Foundation and Trusts, an average of about $1m per organization. 75% of funding for local foundations are from foreign donors while local companies/corporate account for 15%. Contributions from individuals are below 1% while governments account for 7%- this is mostly the case in Rwanda.

The NGOs and CBOs claims the largest share of institutional beneficiaries of Foundations support followed by, interestingly, government agencies. Sector wise, Education is the highly funded sector at 26% of the total funding, followed very closely by Food and Agriculture at 24%. It is also pleasing to see foundations put money into either building their own endowments or helping their beneficiaries build endowments. However, it is disappointing that many local foundations and trusts have not put their money in youth oriented initiatives such as Arts, Sports or youth programmes, despite the numerous challenges brought about by the ballooning youth population. The regional integration agenda is also another area given a wide berth- could it be that it is not a priority now?

Please access the report here :The East Africa Giving Report 2012

About EAAG

The East Africa Association of Grantmakers (EAAG), www.eaag.org is a regional membership Association based in Nairobi Kenya that brings together Trusts and Foundations in East Africa with the aim of promoting local philanthropy. Some of our notable members include the Aga Khan Foundation, Foundation for Civil Society, Kabaka Foundation, Chandaria Foundation, Strive Foundation Rwanda, Rattansi Education Trust, Safaricom Foundation, Gertrude Hospital Foundation and Jomo Kenyatta Foundation among others.

EAAG envisions an East Africa with a vibrant and organized philanthropy promoting sustainable development and social justice.

Kind regards,

Nicanor Sabula, CEO


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