Philanthropy and Business – Is it Business Unusual?


The world is changing.  Africa is touted as the next frontier for global economic growth and the investment destination of choice. The way of doing business is certainly poised to shift, and with it the practice of philanthropy.

The new global concepts in philanthropy such as social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy and High impact philanthropy all point to a global recognition by philanthropists of the need to apply businesslike approaches to philanthropy. This ensures maximum return on Philanthropic Investment with unique social returns.

The 2013 East Africa Grantmakers Conference will answer such questions as: Are these new changes and shifts relevant to Africa? What roles do/can philanthropists and impact investors play in their efforts to alleviate poverty and bring about sustainable social change & development? What will create the shift from the traditional forms of philanthropy involving charitable contributions towards more strategic forms of philanthropy that leverage on unique corporate capabilities?

The Conference will for the first time bring together business executives , philanthropy practitioners, development experts  and other players to explore in depth the place of philanthropy in business and how business can leverage the unique positions to meet East Africa’s social challenges.

More information on this will be available soon across our social media platforms and in our regular communications with you. To be included in our mailing list, kindly send your Name< organisation and e-mail address to


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