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The East Africa Association is a non-profit association registered in Kenya that caters to the collective needs of grantmakers in East Africa. Through research and knowledge sharing & the provision of networking platforms and linkages we are able to promote the learning and success of grantmakers in the region.

Being a membership association, we occasionally reach out to grantmakers in the region who are not our members and interest them in membership. As the common saying goes “ We are better and stronger together”, we continually encourage grantmaking organisations in the region to join us and help nurture the philanthropic spirit that will be instrumental in spurring social development in the region. We are also passionate about organized philanthropy and in the pursuit of realizing more grantmaking organisations with strong leadership and governnece structures, encourage the formalization of grantmaking practices which in the end will help strengthen strategic alliances and networks whilst promoting the development of best practices for philanthropy in the region

We would like to take this chance to welcome UHAI-EASHRI and AAR Beckmann Trust as our newest members and look forward to a continued long lasting and mutual relationship.

To become a member or partner of EAAG, kindly get in touch with us


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