susan sarfati-training facilitator

Susan Sarfati- Masterclass Leadership Training facilitator

Swim in the Blue Ocean– 25TH JULY 2012

Held for the first time during the Annual East Africa Grantmakers Conference , the Masterclass training was a huge success for EAAG and the participants. Targeting and attended mostly by senior executives of Non-Profit and grantmaking organisations in East Africa, the training provided cutting edge ideas, best practices, new opportunities and practical solutions necessary in the running of the organisations represented.

Discussions covered included

• Critical issues affecting Foundations and Trusts as they shape their own future.

• Effective Board Governance and Fundraising Strategies in Foundations and Trusts.

• Five most important organization questions to be asked and answered about your vision, mission, strategies.

• How to build high performance leaders and organizations to strength capacity and assure long term sustainability.

The training facilitator, Susan Sarfati who focuses on creating high performance individuals, teams and organizations to achieve extraordinary bottom line results was awesome and really did manage to keep the discussions lively and most informative.

It is for EAAG a practice that we would want to continue on in the coming conferences and definitely a step towards ensuring we deliver on the mandate to promote the success and excellence of Grantmakers.

To download a copy of the training presentation, please click here


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