The Partners – The Annual East Africa Grantmakers Conference

Foundation for Civil Society

The Foundation for Civil Society is a Tanzanian non-profit company, designed and funded by a group of like-minded development partners, and governed by an independent Board. It was previously known as the Civil Society Program (CSP). The Foundation was registered in September 2002 and started operations in January 2003.

The Vision of the Foundation is ‘A Tanzania where citizens are empowered to realize their rights and engage in change processes that enhance their quality of life

The Mission of the Foundation is “To empower citizens through the provision of grants, facilitating linkages and enabling a culture of ongoing learning to civil society”

The Foundation aims to establish an intermediary support mechanism for civil society organisations in Tanzania which will enable effective engagement in poverty reduction efforts as set out in the Government of Tanzania policies: Vision 2025, the Tanzania Assistance Strategy, and the National Strategy for Growth and Reduction of Poverty (NSGRP).

The Foundation is one of the largest support mechanisms for civil society in Tanzania, and is committed to delivering grant aid and supporting capacity-building initiatives as a means of strengthening effective engagement in poverty reduction.

For more information, click The Foundation website

Safaricom Foundation

Safaricom Foundation was established in August 2003 and is a registered charity funded by Safaricom Limited and the Vodafone Group Foundation. The Foundation provides a formal process for charitable contributions to communities, community groups and Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Kenya who are key partners in responding to social and economic development issues in the country.

The Foundation supports initiatives / projects that provide sustainable solutions to the most pressing social challenges. Its specific focus areas are Education, Health, Economic Empowerment , Environmental Conservation, Arts and Culture, Music and Sports. The Foundation also responds to disasters and humanitarian emergencies.

Safaricom Foundation’s strategic directions contribute towards Kenya’s development agenda and the Millennium Development Goals.

For more information, click Safaricom Foundation website


Founded in 1997 and registered in Kenya as a public foundation, Kenya Community Development Foundation is a Kenyan development organisation that supports communities to drive their own development priorities, by linking them to resources and information.

The foundation promotes sustainable development approaches by among other things, encouraging local resource mobilization, and helping communities to utilize resources that they have, rather than sorely depend on external resources.

KCDF thus invests significant resources in strengthening of capacities of local organizations to be effective in promoting community driven development efforts, and building linkages and partnerships with other like-minded actors who speak to the issues they care about.

For more information, click KCDF website


Tanzania Gatsby Trust (TGT) is registered as a charitable Trust in Tanzania since 1992 under the Trustees’ Incorporation Ordinance, Cap 375 for poverty alleviation by enabling hundreds of Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to carry out productive and profitable enterprises. The SMEs sector is estimated to contribute about 30% of the gross domestic product. They consist of nearly three million enterprises engaging 3-4 million persons, that is to say, about 30% of the labour force.

The SMEs are active in both the urban and rural areas providing an important source of non-farm incomes, which have a stabilizing effect (reducing seasonality) and providing potentials for diversification. They contribute a considerable share of household incomes in the rural areas.

With its Vision of “working in partnership with others striving towards an enterprising Tanzania in which prosperity is widely distributed” TGT as one of the stakeholders in the SMEs Development in Tanzania, pursues relentlessly it’s Mission which is “to harness, channel and unleash human energy to build Social, Financial and Physical Capital through Entrepreneurship Development.”

For more information, click Tanzania Gatsby Trust website

Chandaria Foundation

The Chandaria family has set up charitable trusts in each of the 11 countries where comcraft operates to assist in their philanthropic exploits. As the chairman of the Chandaria Foundation he is at the forefront of the charitable work of the family. He is the benefactor of numerous schools and clinics in Kenya and is or has been with involved with more than 25 organizations. Chandaria cites John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford as the inspiration for his philanthropic streak due to their establishing the Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Foundation respectively

For more information, click Chandaria Foundation


Guide2Uganda is the complete source of information for everything to do with Uganda. With News and Events published daily, a complete information section with information on Uganda, Kampala, places to visit, national parks and reserves there really is no need for a visitor to look elsewhere.

For more information click Guide2Uganda website

Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel

The Imperial Royale Hotel which opened its door for business in the Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel has 229 sleeping luxury rooms and the finest convention center in Uganda and is a global landmark offering technologically advanced conference facilities overlooking the magnificent Lake victoria.

For more information, click Imperial Botanical Beach Hotel website

We, at EAAG are very pleased by our partnership with these institutions.


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