The 3rd East Africa Grantmakers Conference

For the 3rd year EAAG will host the Annual East Africa Grantmakers conference on the 25th – 27th July 2012 in Entebbe, Uganda. The theme of this year’s conference is ‘’ Philanthropy, Leadership and Governance’’.

It is generally agreed that leadership and governance play a vital role in socio-economic development in society. Most of the socio-economic and political problems in Africa are blamed on poor leadership and ineffective governance systems. The Mo Ibrahim Foundation confirms this in its 2011 Ibrahim index of African Governance where it notes that countries that pursue a balance approach to governance achieve the most success

A majority of the local philanthropic efforts harnessed to enhance development largely ignore governance and leadership programmes yet this is a core prerequisite to sustainable development and social justice. In addition to this concern, funding for governance and leadership is heavily dependent on foreign donors whereas local Grantmakers continuously pay less attention to governance and leadership initiatives. Why should funding of governance programmes in East Africa continue to be dominated by external donors? Why are our local philanthropists not contributing generously in support of governance and leadership programmes?

The reality is that in as much as many philanthropic efforts will be directed towards alleviating the social economic status of the people, without sound governance and leadership structures, this will result to naught.

We have in the recent past witnessed an emergence of local philanthropic organizations that are making attempts at addressing Africa’s Governance and Leadership challenges. Organizations such as the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Kofi Annan Foundation and the East Africa based Africa Leadership Initiative East Africa Foundation (ALI EAF) are just but examples of few philanthropic institutions that focus on governance and leadership.

This conference will explore the value of philanthropy in promoting good governance and visionary leadership as a way of enhancing strategic development models in the region. The conference will  take advantage of the unique experiences global, regional and local Grantmakers engaged in leadership and governance programmes have to offer in shaping and solving social-economic challenges through expert presentations, plenary sessions, facilitated breakout sessions, case study presentations and an exhibition.

In addition, EAAG appreciates the synergy between leadership and governance systems within and without the philanthropic institution. In promoting better leadership and governance practices in local philanthropic organizations, EAAG has organized a pre-conference master-class training session on 25th July 2012 on ‘Board Governance.’ The training seeks to provide participants with skills on evaluating Board Performance and recruitment and evaluation of Foundation CEO’s/Managers

On the evening of 26th July, participants will be part of the Inaugural East Africa Philanthropy Awards Gala Dinner that will be celebrating outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to strategic social development and to the growth of the philanthropic movement in East Africa.

We will keep you updated on more information on the conference.


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