East Africa Philanthropy Awards 2012 -Call for Nominations

The East Africa East Africa philanthropy Awards 2012 logoAssociation of Grantmakers(EAAG) is elated to announce the call for nominations for the inaugural East Africa Philanthropy Awards (EAPA) 2012. Launched in 2011, the Awards seek to identify, recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations to strategic social development and to the growth of the philanthropic movement in East Africa.

The Awards will be given to those who through their planned and structured giving of money, time, information, goods and services; and voice and influence improve the wellbeing of humanity and the communities they live in. These philanthropists motivate and inspire the East African people ever closer to the renewal of a healthy tradition of giving and philanthropy. Through their compelling philanthropic acts, these individuals and organizations should have set a standard of excellence that is an inspiration for others to follow.

Award categories

·         Award for Community Philanthropy

·         Award for Individual Philanthropy

·         Award for Family Philanthropy

·         Award for Corporate Philanthropy

·         Award for Faith Based Philanthropy

·         Award for Youth in Philanthropy

·         Award for Reporting in Philanthropy

Please find attached a nomination form for the same which can be filled and submitted to us via e-mail eapa@eaag.org and a copy to info@eaag.org .Deadline for submission of nominations is 30th April 2012.

Should you require further information about the awards, kindly send us an email at eapa@eaag.orgorvisit our website .

If interested in sponsorship opportunities click here

Kindly share this information with your wider networks within the East Africa region.


2 thoughts on “East Africa Philanthropy Awards 2012 -Call for Nominations

  1. Greatings,
    i have just bumped into your website and learnt about the East Africa Philanthropy Awards. I know it is already past the deadline for nominations but I am so much interested to take part in it.
    Iam 26years Male from Mathare Slums in Nairobi, Kenya. I run an initiative called “skipameal-Saveafamily” (skip a meal – Save a family). Basically i mobilize friends and well wishers to skip atleast one meal every week and at the end of the month we all bring whatever we would have saved from skipping meals. People bring food stuff or money which we use to buy more food stuff. We visit a few needy families in the slums and donate the food. We also support others needs like paying school fees and buying educational materials for needy kids. We started last year and so far we have been visiting atleast five families every month, also we have been able to take 4 kids to school, 3 to high school and one to primary school (this particular kid was born in the street and had been living there untill early this year when we came to his rescue. We got him a place to live and took took him to school.
    I wouldn’t say that its very big thing but atleast we are making some impact in the slum community. Kindly let me know whether there are any exceptions. Otherwise i highly commend your work in recognizing and rewarding benevolence. Keep it up and God bless you.

    Yours in the service


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