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The givers Lounge is a new and unique opportunity for funders to listen, learn, discuss, debate and reflect on issues relating to their activities will hope to further promote partnerships and best practices in grantmaking.

It sets a foundation for Grantmakers to build long lasting relationships. Through these sessions EAAG will be able to address various issues independently given the different forms of philanthropy and diverse interests exposed in our survey and past events. In appreciation of the diversity, consecutive sessions will address sector-based issues and participation will be distinct to Corporate, community, family and faith based philanthropy. See More

Philanthropy in Health

Theme: ‘’Engaging Philanthropy through Public-Private Collaboration in the Health Sector’’

Venue: San Valencia Conference Room

Date: 30th March 2012

Time: 08.30am – 12.30pm

Charges: Members- ksh1,000 and Non Members – ksh1,500

Target Participants: Grantmakers in the Health Sector, Government Representatives, Local/International NGOs, Health Professionals and Medical Health Providers


The provision of quality health services is one of the major socio-economic challenges facing the country. An effective health policy calls for delivery of a basic package of quality health services to an increasingly growing population, financing and managing these services in a way that guarantees availability, accessibility and affordability. However, the government has been confronted by resource constraints posing a great challenge in healthcare finance, management and provision. Moreover, the public health system is indebted and faces increased pressure to provide advanced technology and expensive treatments. As a result of this, the government is continuously creating an environment that leverages partnerships and collaborations with the civil and corporate society to address these challenges.

The contribution of Local Grantmakers in the health sector has rapidly augmented and consequently, Grantmakers are increasingly adopting more collaborative approaches with the public sector.  As Grantmakers engage with the public sector there is a need for careful evaluation of the opportunities, conditions for success and sustainability of these collaborations and partnerships.

This Givers Lounge Session is intended to provide an overview of the public-private sector collaborations and partnerships in Kenya, showcase forms of collaborations encountered in the sector, and generate discussions on the good practices for ensuring success. The session will include presentations from keys stakeholders in health including; Foundation managers and representatives from government and Civil Society. Additionally, in accordance to EAAG’s strategic objective, the session will provide an adequate networking platform for all participants to learn and share their experiences.


  • Evaluate the trend in public-private collaboration in the health sector
  • Share information on the opportunities for Grantmakers in public-private collaboration
  • Provide a  networking platform for Grantmakers in the health sector


  • Session Report
  • Initiate a community of practice for Grantmakers in Health





08.30am– 9.00am Registration
9.00am – 9.10am Introduction to the ’The Givers Lounge’’ Nicanor Sabula – CEO


9.10am – 10.00am Opportunities and  Challenges  for Philanthropy in Public-Private Collaboration in Kenya To be Confirmed
10.00am – 10.15am Tea Break
10.15am – 11.15am A Case Study – Integrated Primary Health Care in East Africa –  a model developed by the AKU and its partner, the University of California, San Francisco Michaela Mantel Senior Programme Officer for Health (AKF Geneva)Aga Khan Foundation


11.15am – 12.15pm Q&A / Open Discussions
12.15pm – 12.25pm Way Forward for health philanthropy
12.25pm – 12.30pm Summary and Closing Nicanor Sabula

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