Welcome to the First Newsletter 2012

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In the first issue of the East Africa Philanthropist this year, we share with you some of the exciting plans we are having this year.  For us at the Secretariat, 2012 is a year of venturing into new territories to dare confront the unchallenged.  We have begun this journey by repositioning our information and communication channels to increase our web presence.  Read about how EAAG plans to invade the cyber world to bring you the latest trending information on philanthropy and grant making in East Africa.

A new addition to our programming this year is the Givers’ Lounge, a new peer learning event designed to bring together local grantmakers to discuss, debate and reflect on issues related to their activities   The inaugural forum in Kenya  will bring together grantors in the education sector under the theme:  Beyond the Debates: Sustaining Philanthropy in the Kenyan Education Sector”. These peer learning events will be held at both country and regional levels to facilitate exchange of experiences.

This February we shall be inviting you to submit names of nominees for the inaugural East Africa Philanthropy Awards. Nominees from different categories will be feted during the Annual Grantmakers Conference scheduled for 29-30th June 2012 in Entebbe Uganda. More details about the events will soon be available on our revamped website and other social network platforms.

On behalf the entire team here, I thank you for the honest feedback that you continuously provide us.

Enjoy your reading.


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