EAAG gets social!!

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As an association whose core mandate revolves around promoting the spirit of institutionalised philanthropy in the region, we invite you to engage, reflect, discuss and share ideas, opinion and thoughts on philanthropy in East Africa. We are committed to engaging in this conversation as one way of contributing to a vibrant philanthropy for our region.

In this endeavour we have rebranded, and increased the communication platforms through which you, our valued members and stakeholders in the region can interact with us

If you have been following us over the past few weeks, you would not fail to notice the new communication platforms that we have put in place. From twitter to paper.li integration, to an active facebook page and blog, we undoubtedly can say, we are SOCIAL!!

All these are in order to be able to share and generate discussions around pertinent issues that arise every day in Philanthropy. We have been enjoying and really appreciate the numbers that have been following us and remain confident that we can inspire, nurture and lead the philanthropic efforts in the region to worldwide standards. The various live discussions going round are already a great inspiration to us.

The new-look website, the Daily newsletter, facebook page, twitter page  & blog now offers us ultimately the best platforms that should enable us drive our agenda’s smoothly. We welcome any concerns and interests that would lead to better and stronger social networks supporting philanthropy in the region.

Let’s get social!!


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