Call for simplified land laws in new Constitution

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Residents of Lindi want land ownership to be given ample room in the envisaged new Constitution. They want the law to simplify the process of owning land and allow it to be used as a source of income.
The concern was raised recently at a symposium to sensitise people on the new Constitution process organized by the Network of Non-Governmental Organisations in Lindi (Lingonet) sponsored by The Foundation for Civil Society.
Hawa Mkwnda, a participant noted that the new constitution should give people freedom to own land and use it without restrictions. Another participant, Kaspar Mtotomwema said the new constitution should put in place a mechanism to end land conflicts.
Ernest Mlinga said the current land ownership and tenure systems were not in favour of the common citizen.
In another development, across section of Sumbawanga residents in Rukwa region have urged the government and civil society organisations to sensitise people to participate in the Constitution review debates.
They want government and CSOs to ensure people read and understand the current Constitution before engaging in the discussions for the new Constitution. They said this at a recent Constitution debate organized by the Rukwa non-governmental organizations 9Rango also sponsored by The Foundation for Civil Society.



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