Going beyond the Pulpit in Uganda

In response to the critical needs of AIDs orphaned children and widows/needy women, Pastor Gary Skinner and his wife established Watoto Child Care Ministries in 1994 in Uganda. Mr. & Mrs. Skinner teach and raise the orphaned children, widows and needy women through compassionate love.

Here is a story of a young woman whose life has greatly changed because of their help.

Nancy was abducted by the Lord Resistance Army Rebels as a young girl; she had been mutilated – striped of her nose, lips and ears. She lost many people to this Northern Conflict in Uganda who were very instrumental in her life. Her parents within the twinkling of an eye were gone and there after her world turned black. She had young siblings that her parents left and this made it tougher for her, as finding what to eat was so hard. Despite all these misfortunes that befell her, Nancy saw her light again after Pastor Garry Skinner together with the Watoto Community fundraised some money to see to it that she undergoes a surgery. The fist reconstructive surgery was done successfully on her Nose and as we speak now, Nancy has just gone through her second reconstructive surgery to restore her lips and she is recovering successfully.

As far as empowering women is concerned, Nancy among other women is now employed, able to support her siblings, pay their school fees and she is planning her future as well. In addition to that she has embraced new skills, excelled in discipleship and business training classes and produced quality products to generate income. This story reminds us of the possibility of using religious philanthropy to help make a difference for people around us. Pastor Garry simply went beyond the Pulpit to mobilize local resources to help transform a life.

Go beyond your call of duty to make a difference in the world!


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