Global Philanthropist Trivani and Partner Charity Supply Mosquito Nets for Kenyan Children

Trivani is the world’s first Purpose Marketing company, using the power and profit of network marketing to provide ongoing humanitarian aid around the world. Trivani’s unique business model consists of two distinct but closely intertwined entities: Trivani International and the Trivani Foundation. This business model helps Trivani fulfill its humanitarian goals through three main missions: Purpose, Health, and Prosperity.

The Trivani Foundation, a non-profit organization and philanthropic arm of global product seller Trivani International that carries out humanitarian projects has partnered with Koins for Kenya to provide mosquito nets for children in the African country. The project, funded by proceeds from sales of Trivani’s toxin-free, eco-friendly line of personal care and beauty products, was created to reduce the catastrophic number of Kenya deaths by way of mosquito-borne malaria.

In Kenya, malaria kills almost 20 people per 1,000 making it a deadly epidemic that ruins families and destroys lives. The chairman of the Foundation Dee Mower explains that it was amazing how something as simple as a mosquito net which costs nearly nothing by American standards could save a life from the terrible sickness.

The mosquito net project is just one part of Trivani international’s substantial list of global relief goals, which include supplying food, surgeries and school supplies for impoverished children and families in Asia, Africa and North America. As part of the project, each Kenyan child receives an insecticide-treated bed net that blocks out mosquitos in the evening sleeping hours, when mosquitoes are known to be most active.

Give something that really matters in the grand scheme of things!


One thought on “Global Philanthropist Trivani and Partner Charity Supply Mosquito Nets for Kenyan Children

  1. In my home town, life is unimaginable without mosquito nets because constant spraying with insecticides doesn’t help much.


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